Simple Table Setting and Decorating Ideas for Everyday Meals


Decorating the dinner table and setting it does not require a lot of effort. A busy homemaker or working wife can easily create an elegant yet informal table setting for weekday dinners with the family. Here are some simple and easy table decorating and setting ideas for everyday meals and dinners.

Use Flowers and Floral Centerpieces for Table Decoration

Flowers are the easiest way to add life and color to the dinner table. Pick a bunch of brightly colored blooms and either place them in a vase or float them in a bowl, placed in the center of the table. For a meal with friends and relatives, simply place the flowers in a vase that does not obstruct view or opt for a silk flower arrangement since that can continue to decorate the table for a long time.

Assemble simple floral centerpieces by using a few flowers, some greens and arrange them artistically in a piece of presoaked florist foam. Then, simply place the foam in an opaque vase or bowl and watch it transform the dinner table. Most floral centerpieces last for three-four days, making the dinner table look beautiful all the while.

Use Simple Table Linen and Matching Cutlery

A well-set table must have clean and fresh table linen. A fresh, ironed tablecloth complete with place mats is perfect for a family dinner. One does not have to use precious cloth napkins and can simply place, neatly folded paper napkins instead. If matching table linen is a problem, simply mix and match. Just make sure that there is some color or pattern coordinating the collection. For instance, a mix of blue-white striped and dotted placemats will look just fine on a plain blue or white tablecloth.

Cutlery, however, should match. So do ensure that the forks, spoons and knives are all part of a set. It does add an elegant touch to the entire table setting. The dinner set can be simple and plain for everyday use. When buying a dinner set for everyday meals, choose something that can easily be matched and is low-maintenance.

Table Setting for Everyday Dinners

While a formal dinner table setting may take time and effort, setting the table for a regular lunch or dinner is easy and simple. Lay the placemats and place the dinner plate in the center. According to authors of The Better Homes and Gardens’ New Cook Book, “The knife and teaspoon go to the right of the dinner plate; the fork and napkin placed to the left.”

Linen napkins are optional. One can easily use pretty paper napkins for casual meals. Keep table setting for everyday meals easy and fuss-free. Involve the family and let children take turns to set the table.

More Table Decorating Ideas for Casual Family Meals

Here are some more simple and easy ways to decorate tables for casual everyday meals with the family.

  • Candles are a great way to add elegance and warmth to     the dinner table. Just ensure that they don’t block the view and are not a     hazard for small children.

  • Play some light music in the background to set an     inviting and peaceful mood.

  • If flowers aren’t available, turn a bowl of fresh     fruits or vegetables into a simple centerpiece.

  • Use decorative potholders and placemats to suit the     table setting and add a special touch.

  • Coordinate serving dishes with cuisine to create a unique table setting. For instance, using earthen or slate dishes to serve an Asian meal will add a lovely touch to the dinner table.

  • I recommend reading this guide on how to make your dinnerware last longer

Table setting and decorating shouldn’t be reserved only for special occasions. Using a simple floral centerpiece and setting the table nicely will add a special touch to family lunches and dinners and hardly take any time at all. Do use these simple table decorating tips to add that extra warmth and elegance to everyday meals.

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