Things to Consider before Buying curtains for your House

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Curtains are one of the most important parts of your house. Without curtains your house will look like a naked mannequin and if you put wrong curtains with wrong color combinations, that will probably look like a fashion sense going terribly wrong.

Your beautiful house needs some of the best and beautiful curtains and this is why, here are a few tips for you to choose the right curtain for your house –

  • Choose the right color and the fabric of your curtains. There are a lot of fabrics available for you. Some of the fabrics will be quite heavy, some will be quite light and others are in the middle. However, although the choice of fabrics depends on you, you must know that a very heavy fabric will be very tough for you to make it fall crispy when it’s down and too light fabric will not be a suitable option either as it may not even fall properly.

Then again, when it comes to the color of the curtain, I suggest you to go for bright colors. Bright colors make your house look bright. But then again, if your walls already have bright paint, then you can choose your curtains to be a little less bright in order to contrast the theme. Go monochromatic, use complementary colors for best effects.

  • The length of the curtain – The length of the curtain matters a lot too when you are choosing the right curtain for your house. However, before measuring the curtain length, make sure you know the way how you would like to put the curtains on the window. The measurement of the length of the curtain however should be proper and in order to do that, you should measure from the top of the window. When you are measuring the width of the curtain, be wise enough and at least 4-8 inches from each of the sides and double the total. That will give you the curtain fullness.

These small but helpful tips will give you the best choice of curtains for your house,

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