What It Really Means to Become a Furry



There is a lot of misconception that is going around the furry fandom. Furries are viewed in a very specific way by the media. This in turn greatly increases the likelihood of them getting stereotyped. With that being said furries are not molded by the society but instead dictate their lives the way they want it to be. Let us look at what it really means to become a furry to help shed some light to the fandom.

If you are fans what it really means to become a furry, you may be surprised to receive different answers from each person. The reason behind this is that there exists no strict rule or guidelines on what it means to become a furry. As a result, becoming a furry should come naturally and not be forced upon others. This is the reason why the fandom is considered to be accessible welcoming young and old people alike on a regular basis. Some furries come and go continuing on with their lives, while others stay with the fandom and grow old with it.


Everyone is free to express their adoration about furries. Other furries are proud of their individuality while others may feel a bit too shy or intimidated to tell the world or their friends about it. Regardless of their case, furries have a way to show their love for the fandom often found in various form of media. Some furries are great illustrators and artists being able to draw art and share it to the world. Others are writers of fiction producing plenty of stories for the fandom to read. The same can also be said with regards to music as you will not be finding any shortage of songs that are related to the furry fandom.

As mentioned earlier, each and every one of furry fans has a unique of expressing what it means to become a furry like using these interesting fox tails at loveplugs. For that matter, newcomers who are interested about the fandom as should not think too much about what it means. The main goal of furries is to have fun and this is quite apparent especially when you see their personalities up close during conventions and other related gatherings. You may not have an answer yet about what it means to become a furry but the experience and friends that you’ve gained along the way can help shape your answer.

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