What is the Allure of Squishies and Why are they so Popular?



There is no denying how popular squishies have become. This can be seen with the countless number of pictures and videos that are being shared and produced about them on a regular day to day basis. In the YouTube alone, squishy related content that are posted reaches millions of views in just a short amount of time. Squishies has indeed captured the hearts of countless number of fans and many are quite puzzled on how it is able to do so. Let us look at what the allure of squishies and how they have risen in popularity over the years.

One of the main strengths of squishies lies in their innate cuteness (Visit to see how cute they are!). It should be noted that a huge number of individuals are drawn to cute stuff. Seeing a toy that is smaller than the palm of your hands can be very satisfying to look at. Squishies fill this role quite well especially since these types of toys are fairly small in nature. This allows them to look cute right from the start. An extra layer of cuteness however, is added with each and every one of their designs. Squishies even though is relatively small, has quite a very detailed design. Funny little details such as the color, the shape as well as the way the print designs are drawn allows them to look unique and different from each other. This in turn makes them a joy to collect with fans enthusiasting in sharing their squishies to friends.


Squishies are not only great to look at but they are also very fun to play with. Aside from their cuteness, these types of toys also serve another purpose to their owners. Squishies are considered to fall under the category of stress toys as they are able to help relieve some of the stress of the people who own them. The cute nature alone is a huge plus as looking at these squishies can already improve your mood. With that being said, these toys have taken the extra steps by giving their owners the option to squeeze or press them tightly which invokes a sense of relaxation that goes along in easing stress. All of these factors has gone a long way in helping squishies rise into the ranks as one of the most popular toys amassing millions of fans all over the world.

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