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Simple Table Setting and Decorating Ideas for Everyday Meals

Simple Table Setting and Decorating Ideas for Everyday Meals

Decorating the dinner table and setting it does not require a lot of effort. A busy homemaker or working wife can easily create an elegant yet informal table setting for weekday dinners with the family. Here are some simple and easy table decorating and setting ideas for everyday meals and dinners.

Use Flowers and Floral Centerpieces for Table Decoration

Flowers are the easiest way to add life and color to the dinner table. Pick a bunch of brightly colored blooms and either place them in a vase or float them in a bowl, placed in the center of the table. For a meal with friends and relatives, simply place the flowers in a vase that does not obstruct view or opt for a silk flower arrangement since that can continue to decorate the table for a long time.

Assemble simple floral centerpieces by using a few flowers, some greens and arrange them artistically in a piece of presoaked florist foam. Then, simply place the foam in an opaque vase or bowl and watch it transform the dinner table. Most floral centerpieces last for three-four days, making the dinner table look beautiful all the while.

Use Simple Table Linen and Matching Cutlery

A well-set table must have clean and fresh table linen. A fresh, ironed tablecloth complete with place mats is perfect for a family dinner. One does not have to use precious cloth napkins and can simply place, neatly folded paper napkins instead. If matching table linen is a problem, simply mix and match. Just make sure that there is some color or pattern coordinating the collection. For instance, a mix of blue-white striped and dotted placemats will look just fine on a plain blue or white tablecloth.

Cutlery, however, should match. So do ensure that the forks, spoons and knives are all part of a set. It does add an elegant touch to the entire table setting. The dinner set can be simple and plain for everyday use. When buying a dinner set for everyday meals, choose something that can easily be matched and is low-maintenance.

Table Setting for Everyday Dinners

While a formal dinner table setting may take time and effort, setting the table for a regular lunch or dinner is easy and simple. Lay the placemats and place the dinner plate in the center. According to authors of The Better Homes and Gardens’ New Cook Book, “The knife and teaspoon go to the right of the dinner plate; the fork and napkin placed to the left.”

Linen napkins are optional. One can easily use pretty paper napkins for casual meals. Keep table setting for everyday meals easy and fuss-free. Involve the family and let children take turns to set the table.

More Table Decorating Ideas for Casual Family Meals

Here are some more simple and easy ways to decorate tables for casual everyday meals with the family.

  • Candles are a great way to add elegance and warmth to     the dinner table. Just ensure that they don’t block the view and are not a     hazard for small children.

  • Play some light music in the background to set an     inviting and peaceful mood.

  • If flowers aren’t available, turn a bowl of fresh     fruits or vegetables into a simple centerpiece.

  • Use decorative potholders and placemats to suit the     table setting and add a special touch.

  • Coordinate serving dishes with cuisine to create a unique table setting. For instance, using earthen or slate dishes to serve an Asian meal will add a lovely touch to the dinner table. You can purchase slate dishes at

  • I reccomend reading this guide on how to make your dinnerware last longer

Table setting and decorating shouldn’t be reserved only for special occasions. Using a simple floral centerpiece and setting the table nicely will add a special touch to family lunches and dinners and hardly take any time at all. Do use these simple table decorating tips to add that extra warmth and elegance to everyday meals.


Things to Consider before Buying curtains for your House

Home Tips
Things to Consider before Buying curtains for your House

Curtains are one of the most important parts of your house. Without curtains your house will look like a naked mannequin and if you put wrong curtains with wrong color combinations, that will probably look like a fashion sense going terribly wrong.

Your beautiful house needs some of the best and beautiful curtains and this is why, here are a few tips for you to choose the right curtain for your house –

  • Choose the right color and the fabric of your curtains. There are a lot of fabrics available for you. Some of the fabrics will be quite heavy, some will be quite light and others are in the middle. However, although the choice of fabrics depends on you, you must know that a very heavy fabric will be very tough for you to make it fall crispy when it’s down and too light fabric will not be a suitable option either as it may not even fall properly.

Then again, when it comes to the color of the curtain, I suggest you to go for bright colors. Bright colors make your house look bright. But then again, if your walls already have bright paint, then you can choose your curtains to be a little less bright in order to contrast the theme. Go monochromatic, use complementary colors for best effects.

  • The length of the curtain – The length of the curtain matters a lot too when you are choosing the right curtain for your house. However, before measuring the curtain length, make sure you know the way how you would like to put the curtains on the window. The measurement of the length of the curtain however should be proper and in order to do that, you should measure from the top of the window. When you are measuring the width of the curtain, be wise enough and at least 4-8 inches from each of the sides and double the total. That will give you the curtain fullness.

These small but helpful tips will give you the best choice of curtains for your house,


George Nelson’s Coconut Chair: The Three-Cornered Coconut Shell Fit for a Fidgeter

George Nelson’s Coconut Chair: The Three-Cornered Coconut Shell Fit for a Fidgeter

First impressions of Nelson’s distinctively shaped Coconut seat can bemuse the sitter. What at first sight seems distinctly redolent of a Jacobsen Egg or Swan, becomes on closer inspection a piece of furniture that is tantalisingly evocative of other design classics but at the same time frustratingly unclassifiable. This illusiveness derives from the designer’s collectivist philosophy, a philosophy that places his designs at the confluence of a number of mainstream modernist sensibilities.

Nelson’s Syncretism

Nelson’s genius remains in large part his wonderful ability to eschew accusations of being derivative or imitational. Indeed, Nelson’s ethos meant that his method was essentially syncretic, which meant that he borrowed, assimilated and adapted other designs in the understanding that “total design is nothing more or less than a process of relating everything to everything.”

Nelson’s “Zap” Moment

In outlining the moment when a design assumed a salient form among the various bits of design detritus roving his mind, Nelson described a “Zap” moment of revelation– a process not dissimilar to the instant when a camera lens shuts and the image is captured for posterity. The “Zap” in 1955 captured a design that is eminently recognisable and is as evocative of Post-War American confidence and bravura as any Eames classic.

The Coconut: A Chair For All Seasons and Sitters

It’s three cornered structure – with the third corner a tad elongated to form the back-rest – allows the sitter freedoms afforded by few other chairs. With its lightly dipped arms and barely discernible backrest, the coconut’s lightweight design could accommodate a contortion artist. The chair completes its lightweight and integrated aesthetic with a generously padded cushion, which is usually upholstered in black leather or a peach coral. However, a famous edition of the chair was issued that sported a brown and white design that gave the chair a bona fide coconut aesthetic. To finish the chair, the moulded plastic frame/shell is fixed to a neat and clean network of three chrome legs.

Prices and Dimensions

In America the Herman Miller Inc. furniture company have the sole manufacturing and distribution rights for the Nelson Coconut Chair. The chair retails at: $3,899.00. In Europe the chair is manufactured solely by Vitra.

However, like Arne Jacobsen, Eames, Le Corbusier, and Mies van der Rohe classics, there a number of faux or ‘inspired-by’ George Nelson Coconut Chairs on the market. Invariably, the price reflects the chair’s material and craftsmanship, but a typical faux Nelson Coconut Chair retails at around $700.

An original Herman Miller/Vitra George Nelson Coconut Chair measures: 33″h x 34″d x 40″w.


How to Make Reversible Cloth Table Napkins: Easy-to-Sew, Double-Sided Fabric Napkins Dress up Home Table Decor

How to Make Reversible Cloth Table Napkins: Easy-to-Sew, Double-Sided Fabric Napkins Dress up Home Table Decor

Handmade, reversible fabric napkins give a colorful touch to any home’s table décor. Even better, they can be used over and over again. Switching from paper to cloth napkins can make a sizable reduction in the amount of garbage that goes from your house to the landfill. A complete set of napkins takes just an hour or two to sew. Use seasonal fabrics to make special table settings for holidays or special occasions.

Sizes for Dinner Napkins, Luncheon Napkins, and Cocktail Napkins

Table napkins are usually made as squares. This makes it easy to fold them into interesting shapes. Dinner napkins are the largest. Luncheon napkins are somewhat smaller, and cocktail napkins are the smallest. Napkin sizes are flexible. Here are some suggested sizes for various types of napkins:

  • Dinner Napkin: 16”, 18”, 20, or 22” square

  • Luncheon Napkin: 12” or 14” square

  • Cocktail Napkin: 6” or 8” square

Supplies and Tools for Making Reversible Fabric Napkins

Here’s what you will need to make decorative table napkins:

  • (Optional) poster board or template plastic to cut out     templates for the napkins.

  • Two coordinating cotton or linen fabrics. Quilting     fabric is available in lots of wonderful colors and patterns. Avoid     synthetic fabrics, because they are not as absorbent as natural fabrics.

  • All-purpose or quilting thread in a coordinating color.

  • (Optional) decorative thread for top-stitching the     napkins.

  • Sewing machine.

  • Rotary cutter.

  • Rotary cutting ruler.

  • Sewing machine.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Sewing Cloth Napkins

See the photos at the bottom of the article for a visual guide to making a cloth table napkin. Click on any of the photos to enlarge it. Here’s how to make a napkin:

  1. (Optional) Cut a poster board or plastic template     square for the napkins, adding a 1/4″ seam allowance on all sides.     (For an 18” x 18” finished napkin size, cut the fabric squares 18½” x     18½”.) Using a template makes it easier to cut out a whole set of napkins     at once. A template also makes it easy to estimate if a piece of fabric is     large enough to make the number of napkins you would like to make, without     fussy calculations or measurements.

  2. Cut out squares of the two fabrics, fabric. Cut the     squares 1/2″ larger than the finished size to allow for a 1/4″     seam allowance on all four sides.

  3. Layer two coordinating fabric squares with right sides     facing each other.

  4. Stitch all around the outer edge of the squares, using     a ¼” seam allowance. Leave an opening on one side large enough to turn the     napkin right side out — three or four inches for dinner-sized napkins.

  5. Turn the napkin right side out and press, taking     special care to fold under and press the raw edges of the open area.

  6. Top stitch around the whole napkin to secure the layers     together. Make sure the stitches catch the opening where the napkin was     turned right side out. If your sewing machine has decorative stitches,     this is a good time to use them.

The completed fabric napkin is now ready to use to make a special table setting. Why not make a complete set the next time you are invited to a party, or when you throw a party yourself?


Customized Pillows and Showcasing It on E-Commerce

Customized Pillows and Showcasing It on E-Commerce

Customized pillows are the new talk in the corner. With growing popularity, customized pillows are becoming a main stream product which is amazing.

Customized pillows have given people of choosing what is comfortable for them. Pillows are such integrated element for our sleep that, if it isn’t right, we will just wake up next morning with a deprived sleep with addition of cranky mood. How many times you went to a place and didn’t have a good sleep because the side sleeper pillow was too hard or too soft though the bed was much comfortable? It’s because the pillows take the weight of our head and supports the neck so that stress doesn’t build up along the body.

Which is why, more and more people are opting to buy customized pillows rather than a traditional one. With its growing popularity, exciting retail, the online venture is also becoming a significant aspect.

There is a benefit in retail stores that, you can go out, and check some presets of variety and chose from there. Which is indeed, not possible in a e-commerce system.

Yet, e-commerce has much more penetrability than the traditional market. It has more customer base than traditional market nowadays for the fact that, even if you are in a remote place, still you could access the products which aren’t available in local stores. With the logistics system spreading its wings, products could be sent to even areas which have poor transportation facilities.

With such a big platform, it is evident that, no product can ignore its existence. And rightly so, because if you have a quality product, why people will fail to use it just because the local shops aren’t / can’t provide it.

As popularity is increasing, customized pillows are also sold in online venture. Apps has been developed for user friendly interaction and since, the only requirement is a smart phone, it has enabled user to go through vast level of customization and chose what they want. Even the colors and graphics on the pillow can be customized to suit your need and bring shine to your bedrooms.

That’s why customized pillows and e-commerce business can be great together. Traditional pillows are already sold in the market. Though, this isn’t popular because people generally don’t go to an online store to buy a pillow which is plenty in local shops.

But customized pillows are different. You can get it in shops but difference in quality will affect big. Since, it isn’t like a mass production system, details are crucial here. For example, let’s say you want a pillow so that you can put it under the stomach and sleep facing down against the bed. But how much softness or hardness you need. That’s one aspect that needs to be addressed properly before going ahead. If you are going to compromise, then it simply means you’ll end up with a pillow that is neither comfortable nor is useful in any kind.

That’s why, you need to choose a brand that is renowned for its quality and products and has great feedback, which in turn, brings the importance of synergy between e-commerce and the industry as, even if the brand isn’t accessible in that area, still it could be purchased via online store by filling out all the requirements. The user friendly interface will guide even the novice users as what they want. And these requirements will help in assessing what kind of pillows the customers want and will be provided along these lines.

This is a boom. Sleeping is never been more comfortable. With customized pillows at your doorstep, now you have the opportunity an experience that you have felt never before.



Bean Bag Chairs to Buy Online: Gaming, Sports, Kids

Bean Bag Chairs to Buy Online: Gaming, Sports, Kids

As an inexpensive and comfortable piece of furniture, it’s hard to beat a bean bag chair. These casual, comfortable chairs usually contain polystyrene beads or shredded foam encased in a round casing.

Numerous online retailers, including the following, sell bean bag chairs, which come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. Many bean bag chair sellers promote free shipping on their bean bags.

Paisley Bean Bag Chair from Pottery Barn Teen

Pottery Barn Teen manages to make bean bags look clever and classy, like the Dark Pool Paisley Pop Bean Bag Chair, which features a bold paisley print slipcover. The 41”-diameter beanbag insert has 13.5 cubic feet of polystyrene (50 percent of which is recycled). Purchase the bean bag and cover separately or as a set. The cover is machine washable. Price: $129 (bean bag insert), $50 (cover) or $179 for both. Personalize the cover with a monogram for an additional $6.50. Shipping starts at $11.

Giant Bean Bag Chair from

A bean bag big enough to hold you and a handful of friends, not to mention double as a bed, the 8’ Gusto Bag Giant Bean Bag Lounger from measures 96 inches long by 48 inches wide. Up to eight kids or five adults can fit on the lounger, which is filled with shredded polyurethane foam. Choose from 20 colors on the machine washable microfiber suede covers. Price: $349. Shipping is free.

Football Bean Bag Chair from

Young fans of the gridiron will like the Football Shaped Bean Bag Chair from At 24” wide and 23” high, the chair is sized perfectly for youngsters. The brown vinyl cover features white stripes and painted white “laces” and is easy to wipe clean. Polystyrene beads provide the comfy filling. Price: $44.98. Free shipping.

Gaming Bean Bag Chair from

For added support with the comfort of a bean bag chair, check out the X-Rocker Video Bean Bag from Shaped like a rocking game chair, but filled with polystyrene beads, the Video Bean Bag provides a comfy place to sit and play video games, watch TV, or read a book. The chair is made of vinyl with a stretchy Lycra “sweet spot” patch to support the lower back. Two side pockets and a handle allow for storage and easy transport. Dimensions: 29″ high by 20″ wide by 21.5″ deep. Price: $45 (plum color), $33.99 (red). Free shipping.

Personalized Bean Bag Chair from Lillian Vernon

Personalization is free on the Kids Bean Bag Chairs at Lillian Vernon. Choose from 16 machine-washable cover styles, ranging from trucks to ponies. The inner bean bag case is filled with polystyrene beads and the outer case is either all cotton or plush poly velour, depending on the style. The bag’s circumference is 96 inches. Price: $69.98. Shipping is $14.99.

Caring for Your Bean Bag Chair

While bean bag chairs have a variety of different filling material and outer surfaces, all bean bag chairs can spill their insides if used roughly or inadvertently punctured. Don’t sit on a bean bag chair while wearing jewelry or accessories with sharp edges and try to keep pets from digging their claws into the chair. Explain to kids that bean bag chairs are furniture, not implements for bopping their siblings on their heads.

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